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Dr. Jack White is the Data Science Operations Manager in EY’s Space Tech team. He has years of experience in developing innovative data science and AI solutions to pressing academic issues and client problems from EY Oceania’s G360 accounts.

Jack was a professional AI and Machine Learning researcher before joining EY. He has made landmark innovations in the fields of remote sensing and biotechnology including applying for a provisional patent for his work with prosthetic vision implants and publications in international scientific journals. Jack has undertaken projects with NASA, CERN, Planet and international government stakeholders for space and AI based research projects, including sending experiments to the International Space Station (ISS).

As an SME in remote sensing and AI, Jack applies his deep understanding of these topics to developing innovative custom data products for clients. He is dedicated to educating clients and colleagues on the benefits AI and space technology has for every industry, and aims to be a leader for design innovation in Space-based AI.